grass fed beef

as nature intended


Stack Rock Mountain Farm, named for the mountain ridge on its eastern border, has been a working farm in the same family since the early 1950’s. Located on the edge of the Piedmont section of North Carolina, the rich soil is ideal for naturally raised, grass-fed cattle.

w.s. “butch” chandler jr.


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Proper stewardship of the land with animals raised in a natural environment is the cornerstone of the American sustainable agricultural movement.

As a consumer, when you choose to eat meat from animals raised on pasture rather than factory farms you are the most important component of this movement. Your choice not only supports local agriculture, improves animal welfare, and reduces environmental degradation, it also gives your family a healthier alternative at the dinner table. We stand firmly behind our products and want our customers to be fully satisfied: any beef purchase that does not meet your expectations is entitled to a full refund.